Wilhelm's Event Spaces

We want to help you create an event that perfectly fits you and your family and friends. Whether planning a Celebration of Life or community event, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial offers a wide variety of truly unique options. We can accommodate almost any size guest list and look forward to helping you with every detail.

Sunset Chapel

Abounding with craftsmanship and midcentury charm, the Sunset Chapel features beautiful hand carved trim and an eye for detail you just don’t find anymore. This flexible space welcomes traditional ceremony-style seating arrangements, round table reception seating, or a combination of the two. No matter your vision, the Sunset Chapel can accommodate your loved one’s Celebration of Life. Use of the reception area below is included in every reservation of the Sunset Chapel.

Ceremony Arrangement- Rows of front-facing chairs, with middle aisle. Perfect for traditional and religious services. Seats 90

Reception Setup- Round 6 or 8 top tables. A modern option that promotes fellowship and conversation. Seats up to 72

Combination- Theater style seats in front with tables in the back. A great solution for a service plus reception, or just to offer different options. Seats 40 in front, 32 at tables

Reception Area

With a fireplace, television, and picture window overlooking the beautiful Oaks Bottom Wildlife Sanctuary, this is the perfect spot for a warm and cozy gathering. Whether used in conjunction with one of our Chapels or on its own, this quaint reception area will add the charm to your gathering.

The Last Supper Chapel

Absolutely guaranteed to be unlike any other space in Portland, this awe-inspiring chapel is nestled within the famous Portland Memorial Mausoleum. Admire the hand carved wood altar surrounding a marble relief of The Last Supper and an exact marble recreation of Michelangelo’s Pieta and David (one of only three in the country). Honor and celebrate in a space as unique as your loved one. Many other areas can also be reserved. There are a total of seven chapel areas within the Mausoleum. With all of the available options, we can accommodate any number of guests.

For all Funeral events in any of our unique spaces, we can set up for a casket, table with urn, or a display of personal memorial items. All tables include white linens. Décor packages are available to personalize the space even further. The Sunrise and Sunset Chapel and the Reception Area are all equipped with large televisions to display slideshows of your loved one, family, and memories.

Our Family Service Advisors are here to help you plan the Life Celebration or event that is perfect for you and your family. The only limit is your imagination. Call today to learn more about all of the options available at Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial.